Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Biggiestack Turns Down Pizza Corner.......Victory is Certain!!!

It's been a long road, but all good things do soon come to an end. You heard it right, no more turning down second helpings after Thursday night. When the wife says, "2-Gutz, can we have Dairy Queen tonight?" Gutz will proudly reply, "You know we can!" This competition has definitely been a lifestyle change, but well worth it. Just in time for Christmas and with the ten year highschool reunion around the corner these two once fat pigs can feel comfortable in their newly refurbished bodies.

Both Biggie and Gutz would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported our cause. And, of course, they would like to thank Brew in advance for feeding their starving stomachs wings and beer. They would also like to thank all those nay sayers who didn't think there was a chance in hell. Not only did you motivate them but you made them stronger.

Just a reminder, weigh-in is still set for Thursday night at 7:05pm at Century Apartments in East Grand Forks. There is a McDonald's in East Side, correct? BOOYAH!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

2-Gutz Prepares for Final Bout

2-Gutz is really doing what it takes to make his goal weight of 2-bills. He burns 1000 calories in the gym daily and he has cut carbs out of the diet. This keg with legs dreams of the day where he can enjoy a quad stacker meal including Dr. Pepper followed by a Dairy Queen treat and not feel guilty. Until then both competitors will have to battle through the cravings.

The latest from Biggiestack's camp is nothing but determination. He is looking into fiber therapy and multiple visits to the sauna. It will be a close race to the finish, but both camps are optimistic.

The weigh-in has been set for Thursday December 21st at 7:05pm. The location is Century Apartments in East Grand Forks.

WEEK 20 Weigh-In Results


Week 21 Predictions...........200orBust!!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Crunch Time

That doesn't mean crunchin' another piece of pumpkin pie, Biggie. This pile of loose skin and lard reportedly weighed in at 207 all weekend until today. Today my not-so-slim partner in weight loss tipped the digital scale at a whopping 285! He claims the scale was "broken". Well, any scale seeing that kind of abuse is bound to call it quits. With the deadline less than a month away can these fierce eaters put down the fork and the side bellies to meet for nude chest bumps in victory lane? Stay Tuned!

Thursday, November 09, 2006


With the weigh in 6 weeks away both contestants are starting to feel the pressure. 2gutz may be feeling it a little more. With no weight reported brew and biggie dont know what to think. "maybe he is just eating BK and Mcribbs all day and doesnt have time to report, i dont know what is it" said brew.




Next week predictions


Thursday, November 02, 2006

Early Season Predictions Become Reality for 2-Gutz

It was predicted early in the season that 2-Gutz would succumb to his old habits. To be more specific he was called out for his tailgating abilities, Halloween candy eating, and the return of the McRib. Well, someone's day dream has become reality. Although 2-Gutz has yet to eat a McRib...HE WILL. This gut with legs has drank more beer at the tailgate and eatin more chocolate than the law allows. This fall from the diet is a direct result of the "QUAD STACKER". When Gutz saw a decrease in weight after eating BK he thought what the hell, maybe there is something to this "shocking of the system" theory. He was sadly mistaken.

The competition, Biggiestack, has stuck to the diet and workout plan with little to no "slip-ups". Now he is basking in his slim glory.

This weeks weigh-in results are sad but true.

Week 14 Weigh-In



week 15 predictions......206........Thanksgiving prediction..........205

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Chips and Sauce Weigh Down Biggie

Paradiso is a great place for mexican food and a great place to inhale chips by the basket full. This Gutsmith wasn't there but has been informed second hand that Biggie indeed put on a chip eating disply. Don't worry though, he followed that up with a cheeseless chicken burrito smothered in red gravy.

2-Gutz stuck to his tried and true diet method.......beer.

The weigh is coming off slowly but surely, 200lbs or less is definately in sight for both competitors. The only kid who should be sweating is Baby Brew. And Brew, watch your fingers at the Cay because these boys are HUNGRY!

Week 13 Weigh-In



week 14 predictions......208........Thanksgiving prediction..........205

Monday, October 23, 2006


With the recent news about glutten bowl participant 2-Gutz adding BK into his diet, corporate BK wanted to capitalize on the nation wide exposure of the Gutten Bowl. They called a press conference to announce this news on Wed. at the home burger king of 2-Gutz in Montana.

At 11:36 2-gutz walked into BK to flashing light bulbs and media all up in his grill. 2-Gutz went to the counter and ordered a quad stack, onion rings, and a Dr. Pepper and took his seat for the press conference.

Media: Why this sudden change of diet when the weigh-in is so close
2-Gutz: It is 8 weeks away, I can make it. BK burgers are flame broiled they are not that bad........WHERE'S MY QUAD STACK......

Media: Wow you really want that burger
2-Gutz: I get a headache if I don't eat BK every 12 hours, and I can feel the BK head cruncher comin on.....LADY BURGER.....

Media: So you were eating cucumber salads and turkey sandwiches for the last few months, do you wish you would have started the BK diet earlier
2-gutz: YEEEEEEEEEEEEES, this shit is so good, the grease that runs down your cheeks when u bite into the burger is glorious, i like to take an onion ring and wipe the grease off my face an devour that ring and wash it down with the pepper

Media: I have dieted in the past.....
2-Gutz: Well you should have tried this diet cause u are still fat Lunski

Media: Thanks 2-guts, anyway...I have dieted in the past and i know you need to shock the system, but this might be a little much
2-Guts: Lunksi, you don't know shit about dieting, if you are suppose to shock the system once a week...Imagine if you do it every day.....i am a genius.....No more questions from lunski......LADY ANOTHER QUAD STACK...STAT....

Media: So you are taking in about 2,000 calories 3 times a day, what is your workout going to have to be for you to lose weight with that many calories per day
2-Gutz: 2-a-days biotch...running in the morning and running at night with BK in the middle

Media: Well it will be interesting to see the outcome, what do u think Biggiestack will think about your new diet
2-Gutz: He will be scared, i think you will have a press conference with him and Mc Donalds anyday now

Media: So if the diet doesn't work out and you lose the GLutten Bowl will you be ok
2-Gutz: Of course...I aint the Guy unless i am FAT and FLY

Weigh in will be posted Wednesday to see how the BK diet is going for 2-Gutz.

PS 2-Gutz went to BK on Friday.....ALONE......